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djIt all started in 2005 as a community of DJs. Schalldruck Music stands for the vibrating beats and propelling sounds of electronic music. To initiate people to Schalldruck Music we hosted a multitude of great parties. This attracted a lot of cool DJs and producers to Schalldruck Music. Therefore Schalldruck Music stands for many different varieties of electronic music providing something for every taste. Now, almost

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Clink Clank - Tiefenrausch

released at 05.10.2014 
Schalldruck Music Records 007

01. Tiefenrausch

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Clink Clank - Jingling Man

released at 06.12.2012 
sYnonYm rec. 105

01. Jingling Man
02. Lost
03. Doodle

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Van Sohl - Tarantula Remixes

released at 04.12.2012
sYnonYm rec. 104

01. Tarantula (Ziel 100 Remix)
02. Tarantula (Bifath Remix)
03. Tarantula (Ninohengst Remix)
04. Tarantula (Jens Kurzweil Remix)
05. Tarantula (Clink Clank Remix)
06. Tarantula (Dan Chi Remix)
07. Tarantula (Magru Remix)
08. Tarantula (Letagere Remix)
09. Tarantula (Josh Bellmondo Remix)
10. Tarantula (Radunz & Leitner Remix)
11. Tarantula (Deft Bonz Remix)
12. Tarantula (Michael Knoch Remix)

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Anne Clark - Weltschmerz Remixes

released at 18.10.2012 
sYnonYm rec. 95

01. Weltschmerz (Bifath Remix)
02. Weltschmerz (Ninohengst Remix)
03. Weltschmerz (Mario Ickert Remix)
04. Weltschmerz (Van Sohl Remix)
05. Weltschmerz (Milu Remix)
06. Weltschmerz (Clubmonkeys Remix)
07. Weltschmerz (Sunrise In Space Remix)
08. Weltschmerz (Marv Remix)
09. Weltschmerz (Clink Clank Remix)
10. Weltschmerz (Dan Chi Remix)
11. Weltschmerz (Subsound Brothers Remix)

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Clink Clank - Forest Floor

released at 23.06.2011
sYnonYm rec.

1. Eve Buden
2. Forest Floor
3. Rollin For You

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Dan Chi feat. Miss Vim - The Day Is Over

released at 23.03.2011 
sYnonYm rec. 59

1. The Day Is Over (Clink Clank Remix)
2. The Day Is Over (Scoop Van Eden Remix)
3. The Day Is Over (Robert WM Remix)
4. The Day Is Over (Dan Chi Remix)
5. The Day Is Over (Kevin Lundershausen Remix)
6. The Day Is Over (Original feat. Miss Vim)

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Clink Clank - 2 Souls

sYnonYm rec. 46

1. 2 Souls
2. Color Of Nothing

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