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djIt all started in 2005 as a community of DJs. Schalldruck Music stands for the vibrating beats and propelling sounds of electronic music. To initiate people to Schalldruck Music we hosted a multitude of great parties. This attracted a lot of cool DJs and producers to Schalldruck Music. Therefore Schalldruck Music stands for many different varieties of electronic music providing something for every taste. Now, almost


•Hof (Erfurt)
•Stage Club (EF)
•Bienstädter Warte
•Reaktor (Merseburg)
•Outer Space (EF)
•Yazoo (EF)
•La Vita (EF)
•Centrum Club (EF)
•etc (EF)
•Atomic (Ohrdruf)
•M.A.F.I.A. club (EF)
•Zuckerfabrik (Laucha)
•EXXIT (Besetztes Haus / EF)
•Hopfendarre (Artern)
•Club Royal (EF)
•E-Burg (EF)
•Unikum (EF)
•Deja Vue (EF)
•Exploration Sounds (Festhalle Urbach)
•Electro Space Night 2006
•Eventix Club (Ilmenau)
•Airfunk auf Radio Funkwerk
•MAX FM Jena
•Radio HSF Vinyl Ilmenau
•Club IS:SIX (EF)
•Level 9 (Schleiz)
•SMS Music CAMP 2011
•KlangKeller (Fulda)
•Radio Funkwerk (EF)
•Theater Erfurt
•Stadtgarten (EF)



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